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About OCF

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Created in 2005, the Observatoire de la Communication Financière (OCF) is an association that serves as a forum for the observation of financial communication and promotes exchanges amongst financial market professionals.

This initiative is intended primarily to provide listed companies of all sizes, for the very first time, with a multidisciplinary perspective on the main challenges of financial communication and to promote best practices in the field.

OCF members base their work on three complementary areas:

  • Observation and analysis of changes in the financial communication landscape and their impact on listed companies‘ practices, through research papers and surveys.
  • Debates about issuers‘ standpoints with market opinion at conferences, and participation in open discussions on the subject.
  • Assistance to listed companies in resolving various types of financial communication issues, through workshops and the publication of benchmark analysis, including "Financial Communication: Framework and Practices" Guide.

OCF is an association under the Act of 1901.